Buying vintage clothing online can be a real hit and miss as you’re not able to inspect every article of clothing on your own. You’re at the mercy of sellers, so it’s really important to figure out when to trust a seller and when to move on. Vintage clothing describes clothes that are over 20 years old, so you need to be realistic about expectations and understand what to look for when assessing the condition of the item in question. With practice and a few mistakes, you will become a shopping pro, but until that actually happens, here are some shopping tips to buy vintage cloth online:

1. Always assume that the item you’re looking to buy is not something you can return for a full refund. Most online stores are small businesses and owners can’t afford to accept returns. Of course, should the item arrive damaged or in worse condition than anticipated, most sellers are reasonable and will work with you, but if something doesn’t fit right or you don’t like the material, you’re stuck with the item.

2. Check all photos and descriptions of the item being sold. Since you can’t do a thorough inspection in person, you need to rely on pictures and words alone. Many online sellers tend to be vague in the way they describe garments and oftentimes, they don’t add in depth details about condition. If an item interests you, ask the seller directly and if he or she doesn’t respond within a reasonable timeframe, move on.

3. Don’t make the assumption that knowing your contemporary size is enough for a perfect fit. Clothing made decades ago was a lot smaller than the clothing we can purchase today. A size 6 from the 1950’s is not the same as a modern size 6. Before heading off on your shopping spree, take measurements of your favorite clothing using inches and centimeters. Even things like arm length and shoulder width can be the difference between the perfect fit and a mistake.

4. Don’t purchase items that need professional repair. Even if the article of clothing appeals to you, the costs of repair can be exorbitant. Many shoppers find that repair costs can rival the costs of the original garment.

5. Choose timeless and classic pieces that you can mix with modern fashion trends. Some styles are still outdated regardless of what anyone tells you about certain trends coming back again. Vintage clothing can be an expensive investment, so you should get plenty of wear out of your clothing. Many shoppers also find it easier to stick to a certain era and specifically shop for that kind of clothing.

The ability to buy vintage clothing online is always there, but you need to be smart about how you spend your money. You really can’t afford to purchase things in poor condition or sizes too small as costs can add up. Hopefully, the above tips can help you avoid making some of the more common novice mistakes.

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