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The Anarchist started as a personal blog that covered a whole range of topics in business. However, since we grew as a team we expanded our range of topics that are related to business which are technology and lifestyle. Although, we are an all-male team our topics cover topics that can both interest men and women. Our blog has grown to be very popular in the Asian region where we actually reside since we all came from Malaysia.

Readers will be able to read business articles like handling business and personal funds. Business news and reports shall also be featured. From start-ups to large corporations, our blog will tackle every topic that involves business and how to maximize your opportunities.

Tech users will find our blog unique and informative because we talk about the latest tech tools available in the market. We shall also be posting some tutorials and tips for using and handling these tools/devices. Tech guides for beginners are also made available to teach you the basics about technology or a certain kind of tech. Topics will also highlight some of our personal experiences with tech products including personal reviews and opinions about them. For fun topics, gaming articles can also be read in our blog.

The lifestyle section talks about different choices you can go for whether it’s a refined or “street” we’ll be talking about it. Experiences and insights from our writers shall be evident in the posts. This blog will feature certain important lifestyle topics as well. Just stay tuned!



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